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About the Founder

David Swanagon

Data Scientist and HR Leader

An award-winning data scientist and HR executive, Mr. Swanagon has been featured as an expert speaker on leading HR podcasts, YouTube content influencers, and major industry conferences. A Harvard graduate and expert in people analytics, he has led major transformation programs for multinationals in the O&G, hospitality, and healthcare industries. This has included working for some of the biggest brands such as Saudi Aramco, Las Vegas Sands, Western Union, and the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

As an HR leader, professional educator, and management consultant, Mr. Swanagon is passionate about helping clients translate complex problems into actionable insights. Unlike most data scientists, he understands the need to simplify mathematics into a compelling narrative. Though he has world class technical skills in both programming and visualization, his ability to simplify data and help “non-numbers” professionals use analytics to influence their business is what sets him apart.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

Albert Einstein

Industry Contributions

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HR Leaders Podcast

People Analytics

David Swanagon joins the HR Leaders Podcast to discuss the best practices for starting a people analytics team, alongside the challenges of introducing machine learning into a unique operating model and geographic context.

Be More Engagement

PeakOn Podcast

David Swanagon joins the PeakOn team to discuss how machine learning and people analytics can be used to drive employee engagement and operational efficiency within multinationals.

CIPD People Awards

Middle East

David Swanagon and his team are recognized as the "Top L&D Program" in the Middle East. His team earned this prestigious award due to the creativity and impact of their Advanced Professional Development Program.

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HR Leaders

People Analytics Summit

David Swanagon joins industry leaders to discuss best practices related to machine learning and how those tools can be applied to the Human Resources domain. 

People Analytics Channel

YouTube Influencer

David Swanagon hosts the People Analytics channel on YouTube. A free resource to HR Professionals and students looking to improve their data science skills.

Technical Services Podcast

Saudi Aramco

David Swanagon joins the Technical Services Professional Academy to discuss leading HR and analytics within an engineering multinational. This includes how to build compelling development programs for millennials.

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