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Resume Optimization

Global Job Description Analysis

LinkedIn Profiles & Industry Review

Online Brand Presence 

As the first step, Swanagon Analytics works with clients to craft the "Perfect Resume" to get in front of recruiters and at the top of applicant tracking systems. This is done through a structured process that identifies target industries, evaluates required skills and experiences, identifies gaps in the candidate's profile, and develops strategies for building a stronger online presence.


Optimized Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Online Presence Assessment and Roadmap

Career Development Plan

Interview Preparation

1:1 Interview Coaching

Recorded Preparation Sessions

Competency Based, Behavioral and Technical 

Once you land the interview, the next step is to prepare for various stages of the evaluation process. This includes the competency based interview, 2nd round behavioral follow-up, technical assessment, and group panel. Regardless of the industry, our clients are prepared to tackle the challenges of the interview process with ease and confidence.


1:1 Interview Coaching

Recorded Preparation Sessions

Pre and Post Communication Templates

Scenario Q&A

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The First 90 Days

Identify Key Stakeholders and Build Relationships
Establish a Weekly Roadmap
Ensure Key Deliverables are Met

Once you've landed the job, our team helps clients ensure a smooth on-boarding process. This includes identifying the key stakeholders and relationships that need to be fostered, navigating the unique challenges associated with the org structure and company policies, and establishing a roadmap to ensure your reputation is positively established within the first three months. At the end of the process, our clients have built relationships and added value to ensure long-term success at their new organization.


Organization Network Analysis

Key Relationships Action Plan

Weekly Deliverable Roadmap

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