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Advanced Data Science for Job Seekers

Welcome to Swanagon Analytics. Our team is passionate about helping you land the next great career opportunity. As data-scientists, we utilize advanced analytics to help your CV get in front of recruiters, while helping you pass the interview stage through robust preparation sessions and 1:1 coaching.

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Resume Optimization

Employ advanced data science to ensure that your application is ranked at the top of all major Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and LinkedIn Recruiters.

Interview Preparation

Pass the interview by ensuring your resume has clear achievements to handle competency based and behavioral questions. Practice your dialogue in recorded prep sessions with seasoned experts in a comfortable setting

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The First 90 Days

Our team uses a structured methodology including advanced data science to help you identify the critical deliverables and relationships to manage within the first 90 days of accepting a new position

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Web Scraping

Job Descriptions

We analyze all job descriptions that are related to our client's target industries, domain, and career level.


Profile Analysis

We review the LinkedIn profiles for employees within targeted firms to determine key skill requirements.

Professional Online

Brand Presence

We analyze our client's online brand presence to determine opportunities to expand networks.

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Pass the Interview

Seasoned Recruiters Help our Clients Succeed During the Interview Stage

Swanagon Analytics utilizes a structured methodology for interview preparation including recorded practice sessions and 1:1 coaching with seasoned recruiters. Our tailored approach ensures that clients outperform other applicants on during competency based interviews, behavioral discussions, technical assessments and group panels.

Our Approach

Structured Methodology with a Tailored Approach

Swanagon Analytics utilizes a structured approach to help clients identify their target industries, design a success profile that attracts recruiters, embed data science into the CV to ensure it ranks high on ATS systems, and build an online reputation that differentiates our client from other applicants. Lastly, we engage in a robust interview preparation process to ensure our client pass the final stages and onboard successfully.



I was absolutely astounded by the emails and LinkedIn requests I started to receive from headhunters and recruiters once David optimized my resume. I mean, it was at least 10X! The challenge for most of us is that resumes are written by humans, but read by AI. This disconnect is causing so much talent to be lost in the exchange. Using David's system bridges that gap, and allows for a synergy between man and machine, which translates to better offers, more contacts, and results.

Jesse Lapierre

Sr. Advisor, Saudi Aramco

Former Diplomat, US State Department

Contact Us

David Swanagon

313 Mossy Rock Dr.

McKinney, TX 75071 USA


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